These are some features that will include:

Fully compatible with modern OS: Windows 98, Windows XP,.... Can be ported to Linux

Improved graphics. MadTV used 2D graphics,

Tv Tycoon uses 3D via SDL - OpenGL (do not expect the Doom3 engine :P).

Supports several resolutions: 640x480, 800x600 & 1024x768, with 16bpp or 32bpp.

Selectable time speed. You can speed up the game by 2x,4x etc.

Supports MD3 files.

Support OGG Vorbis music (MP3 isn't royalty free).

Multilanguage support.

Extended genres. There are more than 20 program genres.

Bigger contents database.

Increased player database. Now a player can handle about 15 programs per genre.

Improved programmer.

Programmer holds 60 days:

- 30 days on the past to review your programation

- 30 days on the future to manage your TV channel

Improved audience calculations. There are many variables involved on audience calculations.

You'll need to manage your TV channel much better than on original MadTV.

Good programs are not the only need, if you don't care your viewers you'll lose them.

Level based enemies. If you grow up, rival channels are changed.

Original MadTV are really easy once you know the basics.

Harder Betty Factor. Several expensive gifts don't instantly make Betty fall in love.

Improved studio productions. On original MadTV, to produce a screenplay was really a hell,

and they weren't profitable..

Promotions. You can promote your programs to get more audience.

Direct game exit. You won't need to talk to boss, etc... I really hated that :(

Completely Free.

With source code. Programmed on FreePascal (really!), and it can be compiled with Delphi 6 too.

Multiplayer support ???. Not planned on initial release, but who knows :)

And more......