No downloads right now.

Once we reach a beta (playable) status, we’ll put a new file release.

Release Date is still uncertain. But do not expect any beta before January’04


Note: The downloads are for testing only.

It's an alpha version, too far from a future release.

To test the game, you must download both Binaries and DLLs.

Binaries is the game itself. You can extract where you like.

The DLL's are a set of libraries needed by the game. You

must put them on game dir or in \windows\system.

From now all binaries will have a config file. that file is

really simple, it's a text file called config.cfg. Edit it with your

notepad to change some things, like the resolution or the language.


TvTycoon. Alpha version 0.05

DLL units (SDL library). Needed to run the game  Place all those dll's on either the game dir or in \windows\system


Source code is the code necessary to compile the executable.

 Note: To test that new compiled executable, you need the

binaries because the source code doesn't have any resource